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Membership Fee 2021/22 due 01/06/21
Membership subscriptions become due on the day of the AGM and are valid until the beginning of the next AGM. Please subscribe. Membership subscription for 2021/2022 is unchanged @ 10.00. (That's about 3p a day!) This can be done using Papal on this website.

 To fulfil the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on May 25th 2018, we now have the said required policy on file.

Last year we had a membership of 30 which is great, can you make it more!

  The Annual General Meeting of The ARFON REPEATER GROUP has been postponed due to the continued Covid 19 pandemic. Because of the ongoing restrictions, with the acceptance of members, the tenure of the current committee will continue to June 1st 2022.The committee has worked successfully in the past year and a report will be sent out summarising activities along with a financial statement.

   Membership subscription is due 1st of June, for 2021/2022 and is unchanged @ 10.00. (That's about 3p a day!) this can be done using Papal on our website Members are asked to renew their subscription promptly as it makes book keeping simpler. If you are not able to use the web link and Papal you are requested to send email for contact details. 


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If you can, please use our repeaters whether a member or not, as they say



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